Ever have one of those goals that have been on your vision board, mind or dream list for a looooooong time? I have and this weekend and get to tick one off.

On Sunday I leave with three of my friends on a 75 km trek along Canada’s famous west coast trail. It is not for the faint of heart. Over the course of a week we will have to navigate our way up and down ladders (70 of them!), streams, tides, roots, trees, mud, rocks and hopefully even walk on an actual trail all while carrying every single thing we need in our 40+ pound packs the whole way.

While it might be the hardest thing I have ever done I am excited for the adventure. Along with all my food, gear and water I also plan on tucking into my backpack reverence for the environment, wonder and a sense of humour too.

How about YOU?

What are some of your big dreams? When I am speaking I always invite my audience to make an alive list which, is pretty simple if you want to play along.

Here is how it works:

Grab a blank sheet of paper and split it into two columns. One column title it “every day alive”. This is for things you love to do in your evert day life that make you feel…alive. Like dinner parties with friends. Or paddling on your favourite lake. Or walking with your dogs. Or gardening in your yard. Or creating things with your hands. You get the idea - the only criteria is you love doing these things and easy to do on a daily or weekly basis.

Your next column is called “dream alive”. This list for for bigger joy-ticket items. Traveling to another country. Once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Owning something spectacular. Epic concerts. Big, big dream kind of things you have thought about doing or having or experiencing forever.

This is your ALIVE list.

Now is the fun part. Choose one thing from either side and make a plan to DO it. Pick one this to do this week from your everyday alive list week and one from your dream alive list side you will do this year.

You will be glad you did!

With that I am off on my adventure - good vibes and sunshine welcome. :)