Today I celebrate my 20th anniversary with my husband Ben and over the year’s I have written and talked about what I believe the essential ingredients are to living happily ever after but today I have invited a guest blogger.

My husband.

When asked what he thinks are the secrets to love that lasts (or at least with me!) this is what he said:

1. ME TO WE. When you get married you can no longer just think about yourself. Now the other person matters just as much.

2. SUPPORT. If they have a dream, goal or thing they love, support is key. I am so grateful for all the times my wife has stood at the side of roads cheering me on.

3. CELEBRATE. Occasions. Milestone’s. Birthdays. Holidays. Achievements. Big stuff. Little stuff. Well everything.

4. OTHER PEOPLE. Surround yourself with other people you can laugh it, do stuff it, create memories with, who support you and share your life with.

5. DO STUFF. Memories are made when you do stuff together. We have done so many great things - concerts, trips, parties, events, occasions


5.5 LOVE LANGUAGE. It’s a thing. Figure it out and do your best to love them that way.

There you go! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Love to hear your story of how you are staying together and what works for you. (and if you are not, I am always here to help).

To making love last,