Last week I was speaking to a group of city managers and professionals about how to cultivate resiliency when times get tough. I don’t know about you but I have definitely had my share of tough stuff come my way.

The kind of stuff that ruins your whole day.

Or week.

Or month.

Or year.

Maybe you can relate.

The key to being able to cope when life gets hard is your primary foods.

Primary foods?

Not what you eat.

But what feeds your life.

There are FOUR areas but today I am just going to talk about one. One of those such “foods” happen to be the most common thing most high-achieving people have trouble making time for. Can you guess?

Doing nothing. That is the hardest thing I ever ask my audiences or private clients to do.




Without texting, scrolling, multi-tasking or doing anything other than being.

Since it is the start of the month, it is the perfect time to cultivate a new habit and my suggestion is to start a daily practice of pausing.

Consider what might improve if even for a few minutes a day your were able to ground yourself, get clear on the things that matter most and start your day from a place of centred-ness vs rushed or scattered or no intention whatsoever?

Just try it.

Personally I am using my beautiful new mala as part of my daily practice but there is no right or wrong way to cultivate a spiritual or mindful practice.

All you need to do is a little…nothing.

Let me know how it goes!