Back to school

My children left this morning for the first day of school.
Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly but as an entrepreneur who works  from home I am also really loving the quiet of the house today and the return to routines.

Hopefully you had a great summer. but don’t you just love September?  I think the energy of fall has even more momentum than new year’s for powerful re-set’s, re-focusing and re-charging. 

I am excited to tell you about live event I am hosting October 4th right here in the Kelowna, BC called “The Alive Workplace”.

Why?  Because everywhere I go people tell me the same complaints when asked how things are going.  Tired.  Overwhelmed.  Super busy. And stressed out.  Now I could tell you all about stress management tricks and self-care rituals and the benefits of yoga but the truth is, what people really need is to feel ALIVE.  Because when you feel ALIVE, you bring that to work and frankly everywhere you go.  This whole work/life balance thing is easier to master than you think and if your workplace could use a little injection of alive-ness, then this might just be the thing for you.

What do you get?

  • Three (3) hours of live training with myself and co-host Linda Edgecombe
  • The complete Alive Workplace Online Course (6 modules)
  • A private Facebook group to collaborate with other team leaders and influencers
  • The ALIVE Workplace handbook loaded with hand outs and tips to help you create clarity, resiliency, communication, mindfulness and lead your team better.

Who should attend?
Business owners.  Team leaders.  Influencers.  Movers. Shakers.  Essentially people who know that everything gets better - profit, productivity and people - when ALIVE is part of the corporate culture.

Want to join me or send your team? Register here:

Can't make it to Kelowna and wondering if we have a remote workshop you can sign up for?  Absolutely.  Just hit reply with a simple "Tell me more..." and we can connect on how to get you hooked up with the ALIVE Workplace Virtual Version.

Whew!  That’s a lot for the first day back to school.

To kick-starting your ALIVE this fall,