The other day I ran into a friend who is building a new home.  They have excavated and prepped the land it all for the new build and are in the process of finalizing plans and organizing all the moving parts to construct a new beautiful new home.  In the meantime, they have moved into a condo downtown until all the construction is underway and complete.

You might think all of this moving and re-locating to a whole different neighbourhood might seem stressful but the opposite is true.

She is so happy.

She loves everything about downtown.
The vibe.
The walking.
The ease of her life.
Everything has been simplified.

So much so it is tempting her to just sell the land and make downtown living their new thing.

Will they stay?
Or will they stay the course on their original plan?

And therein lies the crux of this blog.

Sometimes we make big, fat, epic goals.
But along the way we lose sight of our why.
Or the goal no longer is a fit.
But we push because "I started it and I am going to finish it".

Now don’t get me wrong.
I am all about having integrity, being consistent and getting to the finish line.
But in this case, not if it doesn’t serve you.

So my coaches challenge to you is this:

Check in.
What goal are you working towards that you set this year
does it still serve you?

If not, give yourself permission to change course and let it go.
Guilt-free (of course!).
It's as simple as releasing a balloon.
Naturally you can make it more complicated if you want, but personally I would save your energy for important things. 

Like your new goal. :)

To bless and releasing goals,

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