Messy drawers. 

Last week I was sharing with a group I mentor in Australia that if you are feeling stuck, uninspired or need an energy boost, there is a easy-peasy, simple way to shift.


Clean out a drawer.

 We all have them. Drawers that we cram stuff into to save for “sort later” or that does not have a home “yet”. Kitchen drawers. Bathroom drawers. Desk drawers. Junk drawers.Drawers just full of stuff we just don’t feel like dealing with.

Even the neatest of people have at least one space where clutter piles up.

So my coaches challenge to you is simple: pick a drawer you kind of or really hate. You know, the one you can never find what you are looking for when you open it. The one that is filled with paper or old make up or school notices or stuff from 2002 you kept “just in case”.

You know the one.

Now clean it out.

This drawer may have been years in the making but I assure you it is going to take you about 15 minutes to clean it out. Then watch what happens.

To your energy. To your clarity. To your momentum.

You’re welcome.

To shifting,



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