So I am in yoga yesterday in my favourite class -
“Funky Friday”.

It’s still hot yoga and we definitely do yoga poses
but it has a twist.
The vibe is looser
the poses have lots of variations
and the playlist, well it’s funky too.

I love it.
Well, usually.

Yesterday the theme was “hip hop” - which is not my favourite genre -
but I am in funky Friday mode so willing to stay open.
But by the third song, there were f-bombs cranking out
and I am was like “Whoa….”.
“F-bombs in yoga? That's not right".

It threw me off.

Which is weird, because f-bombs are not words I normally shrink back from.  I am not usually daunted by this word at all - frankly I am kind of a fan of it when it comes to making a point.  But clearly I felt f-bombs had no place in this sacred space.


By the time Beyonce and savasana rolled around I had figured it out.
Yoga is designed to stretch you - physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Yet clearly in my "branch out" Funky Friday class I had some preconceived ideas about it and how yoga is “supposed” to do done.
Mixing it up is the invitation of this class in the first place.
From my mat I was able to notice the limitations I have for what yoga (and yoga playlists) should and should not be.
Can yoga and hip hop belong in the same room?
Of course.
Did it push my buttons?
Oh ya.

And that is kind of the point.

I can stay in my cushy little comfort zone
or I can find a new edge.
Which is precisely the essence of my newest program which you will hear more about in a few days but for now,
I invite you to think about your own hip-hop-type buttons.
 This weekend mull over where your comfortable zones are
and ask yourself this question:

“Can I find a new edge somewhere?”

Join me in having a look how we do things - especially those cushy little routines and habits of ours.

To stretching,

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