I talk a lot of positive things.
How you have more joy.
How to have better relationships.
How to simplify your life.
How to be happier.
And I speak of all the positive steps you can take to get there.

But today I am going to talk another super important ingredient if you truly want a life you love with a slightly more negative spin.


Now of course, body de-toxing is great. Illuminating sugar or coffee or alcohol or starch or whatever is making you sluggish is always a good idea but that is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about a life-detox and it is actually simpler to do than you might think. Here is the steps to life detox:

1.   Take STOCK.  Look at the most important areas of your life and asses them.  How good is your life right now?  If you want a tool to do so, pop on over and take the ALIVE Audit (or create your own assessment).  Either way, it’s time to get honest about where *and* how your life is less than stellar.

2.  Find the PROBLEM.  Look for all the people, things, habits in your life that are negative, toxic or truly suck the joy out of you.  Be ruthless.  Look for all the places negativity lives - in guilt-ridden conversations, gossip, complaining, dream stealers, toxic television, social media obsessing, couch potato-ing, spending money you do not have, eating like crap - you name it.  Look everywhere.

 3.  Take ACTION.  This is the most important step.  To detox you must be willing to do new things- like, for example,  setting serious boundaries with the people in your life.  Unfriend, block and/or do not spend time with anyone who is negative, judge-y, or feels compelled to send you crappy msg’s, texts or emails.  Do NOT tolerate dream stealers, emotional vampires or trolls.  Detoxing people too tough for you?  Start with one.  Preferably the person who makes you feel the worst and go from there.

One wee caveat…. you do not have to detox every negative person or bad habit you have all at once.  You can of course, but the most important thing is to make your detox list then one item, one person, one habit, at a time,  tackle it.   Be brave.

And slowly but surely, your life will look, feel and be decidedly better.

To your joy,