Once upon a time
there were two boys.

One lived in BC.
The other in Quebec.
Unbeknownst to each other they both agreed to partake in “Experiences Canada” - a student exchange where each would take turns traveling to live with each other’s families for one week.

They were nervous.
The outcome unknown.

But they said yes.
And as a result of that yes, an extraordinary friendship was born.
Not just with each other and between both families too.
The two weeks were very magical and lots of tears were shed at the last goodbye (okay mostly mine but never the less it was a messy airport departure).

But this year, our official “adopted” son returned and brought his parents with him.  Again, it was magical and the connection between us all is now even deeper.  There were so many awesome moments during their visit but one of my favs was a phrase they would use whenever food tasted particularly good.  They would take a bite and suddenly “Ca goûte le ciel!” which does not make total sense in English but loosely translates to “It tastes the sky!”

It tastes the sky?  How exquisite to have a phrase so expressive that when you eat the enjoyment is so vast it involves the whole sky.  I love this phrase so much I made them say it over and over and write it down for me so I can learn to use it too.

The moral of this story?

Well twofold.
#1.  When in doubt, say yes.  Say yes to things that scare you, make you nervous and you are unsure about.  Yes’s are full of possibility that can lead to extraordinary outcomes.  And if you want your life to be extraordinary than say more yes’s than no’s.


#2.  This summer (or winter if you are reading this in Australia), my wish for you is that you take the time to be intentional about how you spend your days. Because when you do that, you might end up using that wonderful, delicious phrase too.

 “Ca goûte le ciel!”

Happy July!


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