Perhaps you have forgotten the goals you set in January.
Or maybe you have been over- enjoying all the indulgences of summer (or winter if you live in Australia!).
Either way, you may have let a few things slide in your life.

Totally get it.
And here is your chance to re-set.
Because the only time it is too late to hit the re-set button is when you are dead.

For the past few months I have been talking, creating and doing a lot of things alive.
The Alive Audit.
The Alive Revolution.
And now, the "official" opening of the Alive Academy.

Because we all know, great intentions only go so far.
It you want to really up-level your life, two things are key:

Awareness and Accountability.

 First awareness.  Even if you have already done, go download the Alive Audit and do it again.  That way you have it as a template to do ANY time you want to re-set or re-evaluate your life.  Go here to get your very own copy to use over and over anytime you want to assess your life.

Now for the accountability part.  Get yourself a support system.  A group of friends.  A coach.  Or a whole community around your goals.

Want all three?
Then I wildly, enthusiastically invite you to join the Alive Academy and spend the year with me and Linda Edgecombe- coaching, community and accountability all rolled into one.

Did I mention the savings?  Right now, you can opt in for your “re-set sale” discount of $100 off the pay-in-full option which is valid until midnight, August 20th.

Of course, you can always pay by the month or full price anytime too (but not why be supported and save money?)

So jump in.
Say yes.
Let’s do this alive thing together all year long.

One caveat, whatever you do, do not sit on the fence.  That is wasted energy.  Say yes. Say no.  Just don’t say maybe.

To choosing alive,