Even though it feels like I have been turning 50 since August,
yesterday it was official.
50 years on the planet.

I was very intentional about how I spent my day
and the very first thing on my to-do list was go to yoga.
I cannot even adequately describe what happened in that room but I shall try.
One of my favourite instructors was teaching
and a few days before she asked me what my favourite songs were to make a “birthday yoga playlist”.

It was so incredibly awesome to have every one of my favourite songs
cranked out in the studio.
But that is not even the best part.
Because I has chosen some classics - Simon and Garfunkel, Michael Jackson and Neil Diamond to name a few - they were songs everyone knew.
And as each song played, everyone in the room broke out into song.
A room full of singing yogi’s in a class the teacher dedicated to me.
Words cannot express how it felt to be in that room.
And by the time Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” played us into savasana
I was reduced to a puddle of grateful tears.

For this beautiful room of people.
For this space I am at home with my yoga family.
For the life I have created.

And this is where the big aha came to me
which I feel truly took me 50 years to learn.

The secret to happiness lies in letting LOVE in.
In mastering the art of receiving.

I wasn’t always good at this.
I am by nature, really good at giving.
And I have also been very good at over-giving (and people pleasing and resenting).
I have excelled at over-committing, over-doing and over-sacrificing.
I have even been outstanding at deflecting compliments, generosity and attention.

But I have learned, with practice, to graciously, humbly and sincerely receive.
And  this simple act of self-love has been one so unexpectedly beautiful.
I think I secretly worried that if I became good at receiving I would become selfish.
Or I would somehow give less to the people and work I love.
But the opposite is true.
The more I am willing to receive, the more capacity I have to give.
The more I have to give, the more I can receive.
It is a delicious cycle.

So as a brand new quinquagenarian (the period after 50 years!),
my coaches call to action to you is this:

Become an excellent receiver.

Let love in.
Let kindness in.
Let all that is good knocking on your door... in.