In November I turn 50.
Yep the big 5-0.
There are lots of ways to celebrate this milestone.
A huge party.
An epic trip.
A crazy adventure.
But when my friends asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate this milestone birthday,  I knew it was none of those things.
I wanted just one thing.

A summer dinner party with my favourite people.

And so my beautiful husband and dear friends planned the whole thing.
The food.
The theme.
The costumes.
The decorations.
The table.
The songs (I had not one but two songs sang in my honour that evening. Over. The. Top.)

It was about as perfect as any party could be. 

The moral of this story?
This party was no accident.
The table of love I got to experience on this evening didn’t just “happen”.
The evening was filled with relationships I have had for years…decades even.
Relationships that I nurture and cultivate and bring my whole, real self to.

This can only happen if you spend lots of time with people.
Like actually make the time to get together.
Not be “too busy” or “too tired” to follow through on plans.
(For the record we do have “sweatpant saturday" potluck dinners for when we are feeling particularly sloth-ish!).
The point is, we get together.  Often.
We break bread and have conversations that matter.
And that’s how tables of love are made.

So here is my coaches invitation to you:  plan a party.
Invite your favourite people.
Celebrate, laugh, eat, drink and dance together.
Repeat as necessary!

You do not have to wait for a special occasion.
Make one up!

To tables of love,