It feels like the holidays commercialism comes earlier and earlier every year.
It used to sneak in right after Halloween
but I swear I thought I saw a Christmas tree in Costco before that.
Regardless, unless you live off the grid, it is pretty hard to avoid the pressure to do it all.

To shop.
To buy.
To wrap.
To ship.
To go out.
To host.
To drink.
To bake.
To eat.
To find the perfect gifts for everyone.
To trim the tree.
To put up the lights.
To decorate the house.

And on and on it goes.  The holiday vortex.

I am not sure why this season comes
with so much pressure to get it all “right”.
But here is my two-cents for getting through it with a little more of the spirit  
and less of the stress.

It’s pretty simple.

Each time you think of a task, an invite or some to do on your list, ask yourself this question:

Does this make me feel good?

That’s it.
Insert your very own joy barometer into all your decisions.

Does baking Christmas cookies make you feel good?
Then it’s a yes.
What about baking 12 dozen for the Christmas exchange?
Hmmm….not so much?
Then no.

Going to friends for a beautiful dinner or drinks?
That sounds nice…yes!
Having somewhere to go until you are exhausted at the thought of one more night out?
Hmmm….maybe good time to say some no's.

Sending cards to everyone you know because “that’s what I do”.
Not a good yes.
Sending cards with joy? Better yes.

Buying gifts for everyone out of obligation?  Just. Say No.
Mixing up tradition with opting out, giving more to families in need or just spend time instead of money.  Yes.

There is no right or wrong here.
The important thing to notice the traditions you have and check in on whether they actually make you feel good.
My coaches challenge is to be brave enough to toss out the ones that make you grumpy.

Wishing you a joyful December!