What do you stand for?

This weekend I attended I church I do not normally go to.
And so sitting in the pew I found myself taking it all in.
The room.
The people.
The music.
The energy.

And then I noticed something else.
The noise.

There seemed to be so many kids.
And quite noisy kids.
Some playing.
Some laughing.
Some whining.
Some crying.
Some talking.

To be honest, it was a bit distracting.
But I realized that I seemed to be the only one distracted.

Then I noticed something in the pew.
A little card typed out titled “celebrating children”.
And on this card it gave a few tips to parents of young children.
Like “ not to sssssh them or make them feel unwelcome”
And to “let their joyful noises remind us about being grateful for life”
And to model for them “liturgical behaviour” without telling them to behave.
The card even provided a blank reverse side called “pew art”
to “let your child draw or doodle”.

How awesome it that?
I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of this little card that
invited parents of young children to not worry about creating
perfectly silent robots
who are seen and not heard
but also for everyone in the congregation to not worry about it either.

It was immediately clear to me what this church stood for.
Compassion. Kindness.  Inclusion.

All from a little card.

It got me thinking.
Wat do I stand for?
What does my family stand for?
My company?
And how would people know?

I think these are good questions to ask
because no matter what we SAY we stand for,
it is only in our actions that people really feel it.

That is how we take a stand.

So here is my coaches challenge:
Look at what you offer in your business.
What is your version of the “celebrating children” card?
Make sure the people you serve know what you stand for.
It is the perfect time to create something if it isn’t clear.

To standing for good,

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