In the summer I tend to spend as much time as I can outside.
As long as I am outside, I am happy.

But as the cooler temperatures arrive
with the changing of the seasons
I find myself drawn back inside.
And it was because of this seasonal habit of mine
that I found my way to yoga yesterday.

Usually I like to pick my favourites.
A favourite class time.
A favourite class type.
A favourite teacher.
But yesterday i just showed up when I was free
and as luck would have it, the class I showed up to
was one of the most challenging yoga class Moksha offers.
75 minutes of power flow.

Insert deep breathe.

Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty.
As I struggled to keep up with the pace of the class
and the advanced postures being suggested as a “fun idea”
I was super proud of myself by the time savasana rolled around.

Because the whole time I was struggling
I didn’t waste any energy judging.
Instead I simply just smiled to myself and thought:
“This is where I am today and it’s good to be here”.
That’s it.  Just noticing and happy to be back.

It is easy to fall out of habits we create so diligently and then let slip away.
You might think all has been lost and you have to start from scratch
but I do not see it that way.
You simply start from where you are right now.
Not where you left off certainly but not a complete ‘starting-over’ either.

Here is my coaches question to you today:

What can you GET BACK to?

Is there habit that served you that you have you let go by the wayside?
An eating habit of eating more 'good stuff' than 'bad'?
A relationship habit like date night?
A business habit of doing your income producing activities first?
Maybe a daily habit that supports you being calm, happy or peaceful?

Just get back.
Start where you are today.
It is never too late to push re-start.