August 23

Not all binging is bad

I always thought the word binging
was only really used in the context of food.
That is, until Netflix.
With access to a carillon movies, series and documentaries
a person can certainly do a lot of ‘binge watching’
and subsequently waste ALOT of time.
If you have ever watched an entire season of a show in one night
or over the course of juts a few days
than you know what I am talking about.

But not all binging is bad.

I have been watching a new show lately on Netflix
called “Chef’s Table”.

It is a documentary series that features
the greatest chef’s from around the world.
It is a fascinating look into the culinary world
and the kind of commitment and creativity
the world’s greatest chef’s embark on.
Every. Single. Day.

Of course the food is incredible
and the presentation of it remarkable
but what really strikes me is these chef’s pursuit of excellence.
Every detail of each plate of food is important.

The ingredients.
The seasoning.
The cooking.
The plating.
The presenting.
The eating.

This has got me thinking
about this thing we call “out of the box”.
In chef’s table, food is not just something to consume
but art.
It is the taking of ordinary ingredients
and making the experience of eating extraordinary.

There are so many ways to apply this.

It has provoked a curiosity in me of how I can do things
a little differently.
A little more creatively.
Maybe even provocatively.
I am not sure how chefs table translates to coaching…yet
but if you are inspired, catch an episode or two.
See if there is something in your life you can bring a little wow factor too.

To being creative,