This past weekend we traveled to Victoria, BC
to watch our daughter vie for a spot
on the BC Field Hockey U-18 provincial team.

95 other girls have the same goal.

And so the tourney rolled out
while selectors stood pitch-side
noting any great moves or great plays
so they could make a list of the ‘nays’ and ‘yays'.  

There is a lot of pressure on these high-school students
and so I settled into those oh-so-hard bleachers
and was absolutely clear on my job: to support.

I support by celebrating great plays.
I support by acknowledging players by name.
I support with encouragement when the team gets behind.
I don't just cheer for glory or gold medal games,
I cheer for guts and for giving it all you’ve got.

In the tournament my daughter and her team had some great games
but in the end, they finished in last place.

That’s the way it goes sometimes.
You give it everything you’ve got
and you still lose.

In sports.
In business.
In love.
In life.

My question is: can you celebrate it ALL?

Your courage.
Your effort.
Your results.
Your attempts.
Your successes.
Your hot-messes.
Your wins.
Your learns.

In this way, there is not just one measure of performance
but instead a broader definition of what is pom-pom worthy.

It is the foundation of my coaching philosophy.
You cannot coach with me without practicing the art of celebration
and from this place, there is no win or lose.

Just lessons along the way.

To celebrating everything,


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