If you have been following my blog
then you know I just wrapped up
the Really Good Life Virtual Course
and the LIVE retreat at Sparkling Hills Resort.

It was amazing.

To witness women from all over North America
come together to grow, laugh and learn together
just never gets old for me.

But that is not what this blog is about.
This blog is about what happens behind the scenes.

I put this course on with my friend Linda
and if you have ever collaborated with anyone
then you know there are lots of conversations
to be had with your partner.

Planning conversations.
Task conversations.
Marketing conversations.
Coordinating conversations.
Money conversations.

And some of those conversations were not easy.

Do you know what made the difference for us?
Using the very tools I teach.

Just because I teach the relationship formula
doesn’t mean I am done practicing it.
It is something I reach for in every relationship
that is important to me.
I often use my relationship with my husband Ben
to demonstrate it when I train or speak at events
but the relationship formula is for all relationships.

Friend relationships.
Business relationships.
Family relationships.
Love relationships.
All of them.

Recently I created a video series to help support
really learning the relationship formula.
Because practicing the relationship formula
is what will take you from being inspired by it
to actually integrating it in your own life.

You can watch them here:

Watch it.
Practice it.
Share it.
Live it.

It is my gift to you.

To creating connections,

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