Got a sec?

How many times have you asked someone that question?
When you had an idea you wanted to run by them….
or had a sticky situation you were trying to navigate …
or just needed some help.

I get these kind of emails from the clients I support.

Looking for my take.
Or some coaching.
Or a recommendation for a resource.
Or just a safe place to vent.

A funny thing happens when you embark
on any sort of personal or professional growth.
When you start up-leveling in one area
it can stir things up.

In your head.
In your business.
In your relationships.
All over the place.

Which is why I always include email access to me
in all my private coaching packages.

Because in between the live support coaching calls
is where the real stuff happens.

I don't know about you but any time I learn anything new
- like strategies, idea’s, formula's or methodologies -
I appreciate a little help in the how-do-I-make-it-work-for-me part.

Maybe you do too.

Currently I have a few spaces open in my private practice
and if you are in a place where you could use a coach
who is there live *and* online with you the whole journey through,
then perhaps you are ready for a discovery session.

I have opened up Mondays in my calendar
just for these kind of conversations.

If you have been thinking of having your own private coach
I would love to connect.

Go here to book your complimentary 30 minutes with me:

To conversations that matters,