The past four weeks have been a bit busy for me.
And by busy I mean I did four events
in four weeks
in two countries
and launched a new
group coaching program in between trips.

All amazing.  All inspired work.
But this week when I am not
packing, prepping or power-pointing
it definitely caught up with me.

I was feeling tired.  
Like super-duper tired.

I knew it was time for yin.

If you haven’t been,
a yin yoga class is designed for restoration
with a series of long-held poses
that calms the mind,
stretches the body and
creates the space for 90 minutes of deep relaxation.

It is ah-mazing to be guided through this kind of gentle yoga practice.

We live in a world where more than ever it is all about the yang.
We are in hgh-energy, super-charger, focused, stimulated constantly
in the pursuit to achieve, reach our goals and basically get sh*t done.

I am not saying yang is bad.
I am just saying ALL yang is bad.

There is so much research about this subject.

We know high stress situations releases adrenaline and cortisol
which allows you to function in emergent or crisis situations.
Super helpful when facing real danger or threat.

The problem is most of us are functioning
under high stress all the time and by doing so
our systems never goes back to normal hormone levels.

The long-term effects of this are not good.

Thus, the power of yin.
I invite you to check in on your own power-work habits.
Do you ever insert yin or yin-like time in your day?
Or your week?  Or your month?

My loving coaches challenge to you is to do more yin.
Something that requires as little as possible of you.
No thinking. No heart-rate-elevating.  No working.
Something that feels like waves going from crashing to calm.

If you have never been to yin yoga, I recommend trying it.
Or simply find your own version of something "yin-ish" that is restorative
so all those times you are in yang can be in balance.

To flow and ebb,