For the past four weeks
a group of women gather
to explore what they want their life to be about.
This is no light exploration
but a kind of reckoning really.

Because when you dare to explore what you truly desire
all kinds of resistance shows up.

Can I dream that big?
Could I actually achieve that?
Could I experience that kind of happiness?
And the bigger...
Am I worthy of having it?

And here lies the heart of this group.

Because it is one thing to talk
about having a really good life
and quite another to expose the truth
of what holds you back from actually getting it.

Daring to explore your own limiting beliefs,
out-dated habits or ways of being that get in the way
from getting the very things you crave takes
an incredible amount of courage.

As both guide and witness in this process,
the best part about this journey is this fact:
courage is contagious.

For every woman in the group who gets real,
everyone else does too.
For every woman who rosks to be vulnerable,
everyone else goes there.
For every woman who dares to re-write her old story,
everyone else challenges theirs too.

You can feel the groundswell of this incredible group of women.

This is the power of doing ‘the work’ with others.
Magic multiplies in numbers.

I hope if you are reading this
you have your own group of soul sisters
or band of brothers you get real with.

Because if there was to be a "good outbreak" in the world,
I would want it to be a courageous one.

To being brave,

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