Today I watched my son board an airplane without me.
He is off on a student exchange trip with his school
and for the next week he will live with a family he has never met
and totally immerse himself in the french culture of Quebec.

Last night he could’t sleep.
Up anxious about the trip.
Worried about being in strange environment
miles away from his family.

It’s a big deal.

As a mother, I know these days would come.
I have been practicing letting go.

The first time I sent him off to school.
First time I dropped him off at the new daycare.
Packed him up for nights and weekends away with friends.

Letting go little by little.

I am not exactly sure what I am letting go off exactly.
A time.
A phase.
A season that seems to be ending.

It’s weird.

Excited to see how amazing your kids are as they grow
and at the same time wanting them to stay small,
safely bubble-wrapped beside me so I know they are safe.

As the song says, the hardest part of love is for sure,
letting go.

If you have any had to let go of something or someone you love
I know you get it.

It is all part of having people in your life you love..

To feeling the journey,

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