I have a friend that is driving me crazy.
I mean really crazy.
It has gotten so bad that I think I might even hate her.
And I hate hating.
It is so low vibrational.
But hate is bubbling up against my friend.

Her name?  Resistance.

This friend is a real bitch
because every time I decide to grow, change
or do the work I am called to do,
she shows up.
Uninvited to my I-am-so-inspired-party.

She reminds me that I will not follow through
or suggests all sorts of other things I might do instead.
Like procrastinate.
Or go play.
Or make myself a snack.
Or try again tomorrow.

Is resistance your friend too?
Do you find yourself committing to something-
something really important to you -
and yet, you fail to do the things that would support a change?

Inspired by Steven Pressfield's “War of Art” I have declared
‘open season’ on resistance
and for the next month I am committed to writing.
Every day.
Without attachment to it being any good
but simply writing and deciding later if it is worth keeping.

Want to join me in beating resistance too?
Here is how:

For the next 30 days pick ONE new habit you want to create.

Something brand new you have never tried.
Or something old you have always wanted to stick to.
Get up early,
Do yoga.
Go TV free.
Give up complaining.
Go gluten free.

Just pick ONE new habit
that support you doing your best work
in any area that is important to you.

And then for the next 30 days, do it.

According to Pressfield…
“Most of us have two lives.  
The life we live and the unlived life within us.  
Between the two stands Resistance”

Note if you choose if join me in this war against resistance.
The new habit you choose to create does not have to be a massive game-changer.
Don’t make this too hard.
Just pick one thing you don't usually do and let that be the thing you change this month.
Because once we beat resistance,
we can pretty much do anything we set our minds to.

To breaking free,