I am not a runner.

I went for a run today.
My third one in the last week or so.
Maybe not pom pom worthy perhaps
but maybe it just might be.

You decide.

You see, I used to be runner.
Not fast but serious enough to run a marathon (once!).
But mostly I was a short race jogger
and truthfully I really only signed up for races
so I would commit to the training.

But I have fallen out of the habit of running.
But now that I have decided to run again.
I am finding it quite hard.
My legs hurt, my gait feels awkward
and I secretly compete with my very large dog
as to whose cardio is worse - mine or hers -
(we are currently tied I think).

But it feels good to commit
even though it is hard.

So here is my coaches challenge:
What will you commit to move ONE
are of your life forward?

The road to success is rarely glamorous and easy.
It takes some effort and willpower and discipline and action.
Even, and especially, when it is a hard.

So run.
Make a plan.
Do something you have been meaning to do
because “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy,
the chance to draw back”

Now is the perfect time to start.

To committing,