You can’t stop some things in life
but time isn't one of them.
Like it or not, the end of the year is coming.

Perhaps you are relieved... “Good riddance 2015!”
or maybe you are feeling melancholy... “Stay a little longer…”
or you could be in the place of excited “Bring on 2016!”.

However you are feeling as New Year’s eve approaches
I urge you to pause and do two things before 2016 arrives:

 Take something.

In the year you have probably done a few things right.  Maybe lots of things.  But along the way you might have have had a few missteps.  Things you wished you have done better or differently.  The worst thing you can do is carry regret into the new year so instead of carrying regret, carry wisdom.  Glean the lesson or lessons you learned.  So the dialogue of “I wish I hadn't done…..” changes to “Next time I will do this…”  Take wisdom into the new year.

Leave something.

Did you ever notice we accumulate a lot of stuff in 365 days?  Sometimes it is things and material possessions.  Piles of ‘stuff” we found on sale, impulse bought or thought was a good idea.  But was it?  Take stock of all the ‘stuff’ you have and evaluate it hard.  Brings you joy?  Keep it.  Not?  Toss it, give it or recycle it.  Maybe you are do not need to clutter-bust but instead accumulated emotional baggage.  Take stock of this too.  Are you carrying resentment?  Judgements?  Bitterness or anger?  Leave it behind.  Forgive. Release. Re-frame.  Do whatever you have to do. Just leave what doesn't serve you.

Start fresh.
Take wisdom.
Leave the rest.

Write a brand new story next year.

However you celebrate and close the the last chapter of 2015,
I wish you much joy, abundance and peace as the clock strikes twelve.

Happy New New Year!