I have some news to share
but first a wee back story.

For literally years a friend of mine and I
have talked about collaborating.
We often go on hikes together with our dogs
and inevitably the conversation winds around
from “what’s up” to“what’s new?” to “whatcha cooking up?”

This is where we always inevitably say:
“We should do something together!”
but we never do.

Can you relate?

Do you ever find yourself saying
you are totally going to do something...
but you don’t.

Life can get like that.

We mean to do stuff.  Have stuff. Or even change stuff.
We say we want to have a life, love and money we dream about
but the getting around to actually doing it is the tricky part.

Sometimes you just need a little help.
We all do.

Which is why I am excited to share some news.

I am kicking off 2016 with TWO live events (one local, one virtual)
designed for you to discover the foundational pieces
that go into having this thing called “The Really Good Life”.
Because you can have a good life, but we thought
why not have a REALLY good life?

Did you note the “we”?

Well that’s my other news.
My first live event is in collaboration
with none other than my favourite hiking buddy,
Linda Edgecombe.
We are finally collaborating and you are going to love her.
She travels the globe inspiring people
and is one of the funniest people I know.

Go here to register and get your very own Really Good Life plan!


This is an evening where you truly get to design your life your way.
*And* make it (really) good.

All you have to do is decide..."Is it my time to shine?"

To saying yes,