Of all the conversations I have
one of the toughest
and ironically, most common,
are conversations about worthiness.

It is one thing to want big things,
reach for big dreams
and set big goals.
But it is quite another to
feel worthy of actually having them.

The love you deserve.
The home you desire.
The money you want.
The health you crave.
The life you dream of.

So we can coach about this
and I can lead you through
a worthiness process,
or you can take the short cut.

If you are wondering
if you are worthy
of the joy, peace or abundance you crave,
you are.

That’s it.
End of process.

You. Are. Worthy.

And as 2015 comes to a close,
I here by release you
from any promise or vow you made
to suffer,
pay your dues,
and watch others get their happily-ever-after.

You are ready.
Your soul knows the way.

Ring in this New Year’s
with this mantra:

I am ready.

With so much love,


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