September is one of my favourite times of the year. The weather is still glorious. I feel ready to wind down vacation-mode (aka eating too much, drinking too much and doing a whole lot of nothing too much) and get back into some old routines. Plus there is that wonderful back-to-school feeling in the air.

I love it. All of it.

There is also this realization that the last third of the year is here and in this first week of September I always dust off my goals that have mostly been neglected all summer and have a look at them.

And I mean have a look. I do not automatically jump back into pursuing them. In fact, I get a bit ruthless here. I look at all the things I intended, wrote down on actual paper or out definitely meant to do and ask myself these questions:

Is this STILL a goal of mine?

If yes, then I re-commit and schedule time in my calendar to work on it.

If no, I let it go. No shame. No guilt. No self-flagellation. Just a notice it didn’t mean as much to me as I thought and I cross it off my list. Maybe I will re-visit it in January or maybe I will never pretend to care about it again. Either way, I let myself off the hook for not doing a thing about it the past eight months.

And then I move on.

Do you have any good you are working on this fall (or summer if you are reading this in Australia!)?

Love to hear yours!



The not so awesome thing about September is that our daughter has moved away to attend school in another city. Of course, from an intellectual stand point it is a great opportunity for her. From an emotional-mother stand point however our little family equilibrium feels off. Not ready for empty nest over here at all…