Can you feel it?
The nights are getting a little cooler.
The wind has just a chillier air to it.
Like it or not, fall is coming.

Back to school season.

When I was a kid I absolutely loved back to school day.
Everything was new.
New classes.
New teachers.
New backpack.
New pencil case.
(obviously school supplies were a big part of my joy!)
I loved everything about it.

And I still do.

There is an energy about September that is super motivating.
As my friend Linda would say “September is the new January”.
There is something about this time of year where you just feel like starting new things.  New fitness program.  New book.  New hobby. New habits.  New starts.

This is the question I am asking all of my private clients right now:
“What do you want to be celebrating in December?”

Often the tendency is to set multiple goals.  Lose some weight.  And make more money.  And fall more in love.  All at once.  But my suggestion is to just pick the MOST important goal to you.  ONE thing you are absolutely committed to for the next 90 days.  Just one.  Of course you can still work on other things but put your focus on just one.  And then begin.

To September starts,


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