One of my favourite all-time places to be is near the ocean.
I love the smell of the salt and the seaweed.
I love the sounds of the waves and the cry of eagles overhead.
I can sit on a beach and watch for the blow of a whale going by for hours.

And I especially love the unpredictabilty of the sea.
Some days calm and inviting.
Some days huge, crashing waves.

The ocean feels a lot like me.

I am not the same every day.
My moods change (just ask my family!)
My energy changes.
My direction is not always going only one way.

But my power?
It is the same every day.

Now do I harness it every day?
Not even close.

But when I am mindful I can tap into it.
And that is why I love being by the ocean.
Because it reminds me of my smallness
*and* my power.

Somehow grounding me and inspiring me at the same time.

And it makes me feel alive.

I have been thinking about alive a lot lately.
I have been hiding this winter writing about it,
sequestering myself in cabins creating about it,
and talking about it.

This week (if all goes well!) I am launching a brand new program
and I promise you will be the first to hear about it
but for now, I am curious about this one question:

When do you feel most alive?

Iā€™d love to know.