I write a lot about relationships.
Tough relationships.
Struggling relationships.
And all that it takes to have amazing ones with other humans.

But I do not talk a lot about a really important one.
The body relationship.

I know a lot of women (and some men) do not have a great relationship with their body
and the size of one’s body has nothing to do with it.
I have known ‘skinny girls’ with an incredible amount of self-loathing
just as much as the ‘not-so-skinny-girls’.

My body has not changed a whole lot in my adult hood.
I always seem to wear the same size clothes year after year.
Sometimes with a bit more flow-y tops and
and a lot less hugging waist bands but the same size all in all.

You would think with the reliability of it's size and shape
me and my body would be pretty close
but the truth is, I take it for granted.
I treat it more like a neglected friend than a close BFF.

Sure I move my body.
I eat some salads.
I semi-hydrate it.
I do just enough to not be accused of abusing it.
But today I woke up and decided I could do (much) better.

So I am officially embarking on a deep-honour-my-body journey.
I am going to move…more.
I am going to hydrate…more.
I am going to eat better….more

I am even going to dig out all the cleanse I have in my cupboard
and actually commit to 30 days of clean eating.

Goodbye toxins.
Goodbye crappy sleep.
Goodbye refined sugar.

Hello love.
Body love.

Of course, if you want to join me
I would LOVE the company!

Yes, I use a system.
Yes, I use nutritional products.
Yes, I can hook you up.
Yes, we can do this together.

All it takes is a decision.
It is after all the only body we’ve got.
And since mine is turning 50 this year
I figure it is time to be a whole lot better to it.

Here’s to finding a few more ways to love our bodies more!