When my kids were in elementary school
they used to bring home report cards with three possible categories:

Exceeding expectations
Meeting expectations or
Not meeting expectations

Pretty simple.

I think these are fairly useful categories for pretty much any area of your life.
As I move into the last days of February, I have been thinking about these
and asking my self this question:

How can I exceed expectations?
Not anyone else's, just my own assessment.

I mean we always know when we are slacking,
 doing the minimum effort
or really killing it right?

Yesterday I decided to apply this to yoga.

Now I go to yoga regularly or semi-regularly.
Sometimes just once a week but whenever I go 2-3 times in a week I feel amazing.
But I know even this is still ‘meeting expectations’ of what I am capable of
or what might serve me even more.

So last night I went to Sunday night yoga at 5:30pm.
And it was no easy class.
Long, held poses where your are digging deep for your breath.
And it so very tempting just to leave as usual feeling proud of myself for doing it.
But, surprising myself, I stayed for the next yoga class too.
60 minutes of moksha yoga followed with 90 minutes of yin.
150 minutes of moving, breathing, sweating and going beyond my comfort zone.

It was pretty epic.

So it got me thinking of other places I might “exceed expectations”?
How about you?

Is there an area of your life where you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h a bit more?
Comfort zones are cozy and warm.
But outside of that zone….
well that is where the magic is.

That is our potential lives.

I invite you to try it on for yourself.
In the moment you are just about to stop where you usually do,
can you reach just a little further?

Let me know how it goes!

To finding a new edge,