The Grinch figured out that you can’t “stop Christmas from coming”
and the same is true for Valentine’s Day.

Love it or hate it,
It will come (and then go) on February 14th.

Here is my take on three ways to approach this day
no matter what your relationship status is.

#1: LOVE thy spouse

Obviously if you are in a relationshipthis is a good day (but not the only day!) to express your love but I encourage you to go beyond the "traditional" version and get outside the flowers, chocolate and dinner box.  Can you personalize your love today?   You know your spouse better than likely anybody so give this some thought.  Think of what they love to do, who they really are and come up with something creative that truly says “I know you.  I have been paying attention”.
Real love is not a noun- make it an unexpected and beautiful kind of verb today.

#2:  LOVE thy people

There is so much hype about romantic love, but what do you do if you do not have a lover on Valentine’s day? This is a chance to go beyond the Greek “eros” mad kind of passionate love and spread some “agape” or love for everyone.  This is a great day to love on your kids or a family member.  What can you do to say "you are so awesome"?  Is there a friend who you just love who is always there for you?  Never once says "are you sure you should be eating that?" kind of wonderful?   This is great day to do something for them.   Or maybe you can extend love to a complete stranger? Buy someone a coffee in line or shovel someone’s driveway just because. 

#3 - LOVE thy self

This, I believe, is the most important kind of love.  The ancient Greeks (who by the way have SIX different ways to describe love) call self-love- philautia.  Perhaps this day you can dedicate to you.  So set the table, prepare your favourite food, adorn yourself and let this be a day where you just honour how amazing you are.  No need to wait for someone else to validate, woo or give you love in some commercial cupid-kind-of way.  Fill your own cup until it overflows by choosing something you really love to do or eat or drink or wear.   Be your own Valentine.  

However you spend the day, sending you lots of love,