Thank you for writing to me.
I am touched by your vulnerability,
honesty and frankness about what is truly challenging you.

Lots of themes in the response I read.
Not taking consistent action.
Not believing in self.
Not clear on what will make a difference.
Knowing what to do but yet not how to do it.
And that darn procrastination.

Do you know what I think helps with all these things?

So even if you do not win the private coaching session with me,
I invite you to see where you can beef up your support.

A friend.  A mastermind.  A forum.  A pocket of inspired people.
Somewhere where you can be seen and heard
be held accountable.

This I feel is key.

I am thinking of creating a coaching group this year
for just this sort of thing.
If you would like to hear more about it,
simply replay with “tell me more…”
and I will keep you in the loop.

And the winner of the private coaching session?
Jo Ann Beliveau!  Congratulations! (email me directly about how to set up your call)
If you did not win, stay close and
watch for other ways to get more connected this year.

In the meantime, keep the fire stoked for your 2017 dreams.