I have been binge watching lately.
Not my usual vice, old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix,
but a new obsession.
TED Talks.

I watched many TED Talks over the years but for some reason,
this week I have been watching a ton.
I have to say, it feels like guilt free screen time
when I put all this inspiration into my head
as opposed to less-inspired TV.

Anyhoos…one of the TED Talks I watched
focused on creating new habits
which isn't that what we all tend to want to create
when the new year rolls around?
It is like we are swept up in a universal motivation.
Everyone is inspired in January… well for a week or two at least!

Which is why this TED Talk is so relative.

According to behavioural scientist BJ Fogg,
it is not big changes that create new habits,
but tiny ones.
Even seemingly insignificant ones.

Here is the key:
create a new habit after something you already do ritually.
Like take a shower.
Brush your teeth.
Have a cup of coffee.

These are the perfect time to create your normal routine
with a new habit.

Fogg tried this with push-ups.
He wanted to get into better shape so he made a deal with himself.
After he went to the bathroom (old ritual)
he would then do 2 push ups (new habit).
Pretty soon 2 pushups became 5 and then 10
and now he does between 50-60 push ups a day.

Pretty cool!

Ready to put this to work for you?
Here is my coaches challenge:

Simply decide on ONE new habit that is aligned with a goal for 2017.
Then insert it into your normal routine.
It looks like this:

After I _________________ (usual thing you do)
I will _________________(new habit you want to create).


Try this with me and let’s see what happens by the end of the month!

“Finding the right tiny behaviour
helps you defeat giant self-sabotage” (BJ Fogg)

If you want to watch his TED Talk, go here:

To tiny habits,