I spent two weeks in Australia as a member of the Amplified Team launching the first Amplified Leadership Event.  It was EPIC on so many levels.

The people.  The energy.  The learning.  The dancing.  The bonding.  The breakthroughs. All epic.

And like so many events I have been to before, it reminded me of the difference between growing alone and growing alongside hundreds of people.  This human connection speaks to the human experience and the reality that we all crave deep, juicy, awesome relationships.  This was the very essence of my talk I gave at this event but it is much more than that.  When we grow with other people, we get to experience the event phenomenon called the "collective win".  Meaning every time someone gets an aha and shares it, you get it.  Every time someone has a breakthrough, you breakthrough.  Every shift, every insight, every nugget is shared in the room and that is why live events accelerate everything.

My coaches challenge to you is commit to getting out of your house, your office, your comfort zone and get to a live event.  Not too late if you want to join me in Vegas!