Yesterday was Mother’s Day
and I was lucky enough to celebrate with my wonderful family.
If you celebrated Mother’s Day with your mother, grandmother,
children or someone you mother in any way,
I hope you had a fabulous day too.

My husband did something rather noteworthy this Mother’s Day
and I just had to share.
First a bit of back story though...

My husband, like many men out there, often have no idea how to “make your day”.
They attempt.  They try to guess.  They create epic fails.  
Anything is possible if left to chance.
Here is the no-fail approach to celebrating your love:
Ask them what they want.

I know.  Where is the surprise?  The element of romance then?
I’ll tell you where it is.  It is in the delivery.

My husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.  
Scores first point.  (He is thinking about making my day in advance)
I told him that three things would be great.
A clean house, a card and a picnic with my family.

The day BEFORE Mother’s day he got busy.  He cleaned my van.  He cleaned the house. He mowed the lawn.  He detailed everywhere and everything.
Extra bonus points.

When I woke up on Mother’s surrounded by a hot cup of coffee in bed, my family and cards of love, I was so moved.  There was nothing for me to do except get up and enjoy the day with them.  It was awesome.

At the end of this wonderful day he asked me to check my email.  He and the kids also got me a pedicure.  Unbelievable.  (A truly no-fail present for me.  Don’t tell my husband, but he didn’t need to do that.  My day was already perfect)  Never the less, more bonus points for a gift I didn’t expect but he knew I would love.

The moral of this story?
If you want to make someone’s day, ask them.  The more you ask, he more you will be able to wow them with your thoughtfulness and even throw in a few sure-fire-surprises.

To asking,

I have already asked what a perfect Father’s Day looks like for him!