Not to freak you out or anything
but tomorrow marks the last month of the year.
31 days to get it all done.
Or not.

I feel December 1st is the perfect day to do the opposite
of what you might be thinking of doing.
Instead of pressuring yourself or
panicking as the end of the year looms try this:

Pick just ONE juicy thing to do, finish or check off this month.

A project that still has loose ends.
A conversation you have been meaning to have all year.
A target you set for yourself and you really want to reach it.
A commitment you made way back in January that would make your day to finish.
A project you have been working on that is ready (it is) to launch.

Just ONE significant thing to close your year with ease *and* accomplishment.

It doesn’t matter if this thing you pick is big or small.
What matters is that it matters to you.

Whatever you choose as your last thing of the year to do,
make sure you will smile with pride at New Year’s for completing it.

Then come celebrate your year with with me on December17th.
My last (totally free) virtual-gathering of the year!

More deets to follow on how to register - stay tuned. :)

To finishing strong,