Yesterday I was not a god person.
I basically told a bold face lie.
Well, intentionally omitted information.
To my dog’s.

You see one of the best things
I can say to my dogs - other than -
“Do you want a cookie?” is this:
“Let’s go!”.

To them it is a “YESSSSSSS!”
Every time.
It might be a car ride.
It might be a walk.
We might go on a trip.
Always a yes for them.

Sp yesterday I said “Let’s go!”
knowing they would not want to go there
but I conveniently withheld this information.
They jumped into the van and I promptly
drove them to the place they HATE.
The dog groomers.

And for the next 3 hours
they whined and carried on at the dog groomers
over their fate at being left there.
To give this some context, they in fact
cried and howled so much
that I had to pay an extra “difficult dog fee”
when I came back to get them
(mostly due to the blowing drying
which apparently created the most protesting).

You would think by the time I picked them up,
they would now hate me.
But no.

Once again I said “Let’s go!”
and immediately all was forgiven.
With the same energy as before I broke their trust,
they jumped into the van “YESSSSSS!”

They say that humans are the evolved species or
higher intelligence on the planet.
We as humans are capable of some pretty cool shit and
we have many advances and inventions to show for it.
We are also, apparently, self-aware, another key treated for an evened species like us.
But when it comes to love and most especially forgiveness,
I defer to dogs on this one.

When is the last time you forgave someone… instantly?
Without atonement.
Without a big talk about it.
Without making them pay for what they did?
Just forgave.  Immediately.

This is by far the hardest part of love.
When love hurts.
But pure love forgives.

As for me, I am always looking for ways to practice forgiveness.
Sometimes I am really good at it.
Sometimes I really suck.

On those days I try very, very hard
to be more dog.

To pure love,

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