A few years ago I got the big idea to take singing lessons. I always loved music. And I loved singing. I just wanted to learn how to be better at it. I did not have a dream of becoming a rock star or anything, it was just something I wanted to do for me.

I found a great teacher and set up a meeting meet with her. She bought me into her studio where all the lessons take place. In this room was a keyboard, mixing board, computer, full length mirror and a microphone and stand for where the students stand. This is where I would come each week.

And it made me feel totally and completely sick.

For real.

Just standing in the room I wanted to throw up. The teacher asked me to sing a few bars into the microphone and it was like my throat was completely closed except for the squeaking sound that came out of my mouth. And I was convinced I was going to be sick right there and then. I explained what was happening to the teacher and this is what she said:

"Clearly this means something to you. Vomit it if you want but let your voice out".

So I signed up for lessons.

I am not sure how much I improved as a vocalist in the end but in those months when I showed up to sing I realized that singing was just personal growth workshop disguised as lessons.

I learned how to breathe.

I learned how to express myself even when I was nervous.

I learned how to quiet the voice in my head that said “you suck at this”

I learned how to just sing for the pure joy of singing songs I loved.

I learned how to make singing about the lyrics and the music not about me.

I ended my music lessons with one of the worst public performances I have ever given on a stage however I am still talking about it. Because doing the thing that terrified me helped me. Singing gave me confidence. It gave me courage to express myself. I am positive it helped me launch my coaching business. And it most definitely helped me become a speaker.

Today someone posted on facebook that they felt terrified to even post they were interested in the speaking academy. The idea that they have a message to share. Does she dare even say it out loud?

I wondered if even the thought of saying yes was making her a little sick too. Maybe you can relate. Saying yes to becoming a speaker. Or a leader. Or letting your voice be heard can be scary. 100%

To that I say: "Clearly this means something to you. Vomit it if you want but let your voice out”.


Starts this Thursday!

To being heard,



Singing is not a requirement of this course - but you can if you want to!