New year.

Blank canvas.

The months ahead to do anything you want and…

oh the pressure to have it all figured out!

I find January pretty interesting. Everywhere on social media people are posting their plans and epic goals and all the ways they are in action and, frankly it can be a little intimidating.

If you are already off to a great start, yay you. Keep going!

But if by chance you are not exactly clear on your 2019 plan just yet, I have a invitation for you.

Join me for ‘lunch’ next week.

On Monday, January 14th, at noon, my friend and all-things-alive-collaborator Linda Edgecombe and I will be sharing exactly how we plan our year. Our business goals. Our personal goals. You know, our life. ;-)


If you cannot make the call live, be sure to register so you can get the recording sent to you.

Here’s to making goal-setting effective and easy!



If you want to get a jump start, go buy some colured post it notes!