I coach a lot of successful people.  Serious game-changers, global-shifters, big dreamers kind of people.  And I learned in the many, many conversations that I have had is that no one is immune to self-doubt.  No one.  

You get the idea to launch new idea?  “Will it work?” said the inner critic in your mind.  You come up with something new.  “Is it even original at all?.  You muster the courage to write, create, make or simply do something that inspires you to share it with the world and sure enough “Will anyone even care about this?” shows up too.

This photo above is me looking and feeling very small the night before the Amplified Leadership Event.  I remember standing on that huge stage in Australia in the biggest venue and audience I have ever spoken to before and that self-doubt voice was LOUD.  “What possessed you to say yes to this?”  I was terrified of everything.  Forgetting everything I had prepared.  Paling in comparison to those I shared the stage with.  Screwing up day 1 of the event.  Letting my friend down.  You name it I thought it.  But I did it. In spite of really doubting I could.

This isn’t one of those “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of posts.

This is instead simply to say, expect it.  Do not be surprised when self-doubt shows up.  It will.  There is not magic pill for over-coming it but this something you can do when it does: accept it.

Partner with it.
Dance with it.
Play with it.
Use it even.

Just do not let “it” run the show. It can watch from the sidelines.  It can hang out back stage.  But it is you who ultimately steps into the ring and it is this act of stepping into the ring that changes everything.  Your confidence.  Your mastery.  Your success.   Whether or to you rock it or it all ends in a complete disaster does to matter as much as your willingness to just do your thing.

The act of just showing up.  With your fear.  With your doubt.  With your anxiety.  Is all you ever need to do.

May the odds be ever in your favor.