I am not a miracle coach with a magic wand.  But I do know a lot about trying to grow a business when you feel stunted.  Trying to get it all done from a place of depletion is not fun but there is another way?  A way where you didn't have to keep coping.  A way where your life could be easy-er without having to do it all from a place of sheer willpower.  A way where you succeeded but not at the expense of your sleep, your marriage,  your family or your fun.  Can you imagine some simplicity or ease or joy?

I believe that pretending to be happy is the real killer of happiness.  Pretending is not the same as actually being happy.  You can only fake it so long before the cracks appear.  If you are ready to get back on track, I'd love to help.


Free video series - 7 Habits of Happy couples


Love doesn't have to be hard. Listen here for some simple ways to love made a little easy-er.


happy Relationships

The quality of your relationship determines how easy or stressful your life is.  Go for ease.


happy Life

Cultivating and trusting your own inner guidance system is the very best way to decide anything.


happy you

As far as I know, you only have one life so why not make it as simple and fun as you can.