In 1987 Kevin Costner made a baseball diamond.
And that famous movie line was born…
“If you build it, they will come”.

Movie quotes aside I feel that this is the heart of every business.
The dream to create something  - a product or a service - that people will get excited about it.
Some ‘thing’ that will make you life better, richer or just easier.

This is my favourite part of being an entrepreneur.
Making stuff!

Last year I created my first online course  - the ALIVE Academy and if you have ever created one, then you know how much work it is.  I have learned a lot this past year - about curriculum design, about technology and about myself as a creative.

I think one of the best qualities about being an entrepreneur is flexibility and being willing to change and adapt when you need to.  The Academy has been awesome *and* over the past 9 months we have learned a lot better ways to do things.

Like making it 90 days instead of a one year course.
Like making it more user friendly.
Like making it even simpler to shift the areas of your life that could use some tweaking.

On March 12th the new ALIVE Academy rolls out with all the ways to help you get un-stuck and uber-supported so there is way less “meh” and a whole lot  more “Yes!” to how you do everything.

*Saturday, March 3rd is the last day to take advantage of the early bird special and save $100!

Reserve your seat today!

It is all built.
I hope you come!

And if you are building some baseball fields of your own you are proud of, I would love to hear about it!

To choosing ALIVE,