want to ask you a question.
It’s a common question.  Ready?

“How is it going?”

Chances are your response is what 90% of what people say.
“Fine”  or “Good”
The other 10% of people are “awesome” or “terrible”.

The truth is, whatever your answer, I am quite certain you did not set out for your life to be merely fine.  “Fine” is not the dream you had.

“When I grow up I want to be ‘fine’”.
Nobody had that dream!

And yet, here we are so very, very busy.
Busy working,
Busy being a great parent.
Busy getting in shape.
Busy cleaning our house.
Busy running our business.
Busy trying to eat well.
Busy tying to find time to stop being busy!

That is where fine sneaks in the back door and moves into our life.

For the past year I have been asking people how they are doing and getting them to take the “alive audit”.  A simple litmus test of 10 areas of your life.  If you have not taken it, go here to download yours:


(FYI…if you take it the most common score is between 50-60%).

Most of us have some areas of our life rocking
and some areas not so much.

This is normal.

But if we never stop to look at those areas, we end up being simply “fine”.
you can chose to be alive.

I am so dedicated to people getting their alive mojo back my partner in crime Linda Edgecombe, created the 14 day alive activation.   A free, fun way to kick-start your alive-ness and bring a little energy into all of the areas of your life that matter.

This month, a whole bunch of people (70 have already signed up yesterday!) are joining the ALIVE revolution and saying yes to ALIVE.

You can register here:

It’s fun to be alive with other people on the same path.
So jump in!

Every other day you will receive a little ALIVE challenge - some easy-peasy, some a little harder.  But I promise you will definitely feel more alive at the end of the month if you are willing to take just a little action.

All of January I have been writing, filming and creating so much stuff for you.  I cannot wait to share it with you! 

To choosing alive,