Just a quick question before you slide into your weekend:


There are heaps of ways to close your year but personally I think there are better ways than others.  I don't know about you, but I have often found myself this time of year being so hard on myself and feeling bad when I focus at all the things I did not do or did not do well or failed to complete.

Naturally this beating-thy-self-up ritual is not recommended!

 There is a better way.  This week my business partner Linda Edgecombe and I laid out our best year-end rituals with our private ALIVE Academy members but we thought…

“Why not share this with everyone”? “

So we are.  This Monday, December 18th, you have the chance to get the goods on The 4.5 Things To Do Before New Year's Eve including how to cast your vision for the year ahead!

No sales pitch (you cannot actually join the Academy until next year).
No fluff.
Just our gift to you.

Here is how to register (and yes, it is totally free):


See you there!