This weekend we welcomed a new child into our home.
Well for a week anyway.
(I did not sneak a pregnancy past you!)
Our son Jack is a part of a french-student exchange program
and this week it is our turn to have William a part of our family.

I have been thinking about what that would be like.

I never had this experience when I was growing up
so I really appreciate how brave and amazing these kids are.
It takes a certain amount of courage to fly across the country,
live with a family you never met,
in a city you have never been to
and speak a language you have only ever practiced in school
(not necessarily in ‘real life’).

As I watched Jack simply love his experience in Montreal
and William light up every time we tell him where we are going next,
it has got me thinking about the value of trying new and bravethings.

I am not talking about changing up my Starbuck’s order
or driving a slightly different route than I usually do,
I am talking about going waaaay out of my comfort zone.

I cannot remember the last time I did that.
Tried something really new.

So inspired by Jack and William's bravery,
I plan to find something adventurous to do.

Maybe you would like to join me?

Something new in your business?
Something new in your relationship?
Something new in your routine?

I invite you to really go for it.
Not just something that kind of gets your blood flowing
but really takes your breath away.

And do share it with me when you do!

To branching out,

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