[Two questions, a prize and a wish]

It’s New year’s eve so I am sending you a quick note
before you say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017.

Hopefully by now you have had time to do you year in review.
What went great, what you learned and
how you will course correct for next year.

I too have been doing the same and have some new ideas,
projects and plans in the works I am excited about.

Which brings me to my question (actually 2!)  This is my way of aligning
my ideas with what will actually serve you where you are at.

Question #1:
When it comes to your life and work, what is your greatest challenge?

Be as specific as you can.

Questions #2:
Now thinking about your answer to question #1, what is your perfect solution to it?

And to sweeten the pot for you, I will add your name into the draw to become eligible to win a one-hour, vision casting for 2017 private coaching session with me. Just hit replay with your 2 answers and voila! You are officially entered.)

And last, my wish for you is a wonderful close to your year tonight and whatever is in your heart for the year ahead - may your wishes, your desires and your dreams, be manifested in spades for you!

My very best to you,