No more months.  No more weeks.
Now we are just days away from 2016 coming to a close
so I am curious…
Have you done your year in review?

Maybe you will find a quiet moment on winter solstice
or another day where there is less hustle and bustle
but I invite you to make the time and do this little exercise.

All you need is a notepad and your memories from the year gone by.
It works like this:

Look back at the year you had and notice what stands out.  Our emotions have a way of embedding things into our memory so both the high’s and the lows will likely pop out for you. Notice what comes up.

Next...  MARK.
Jot down what you learned this year.  When you think of all the things that happened, what are the lessons that stand out?  Both good and bad experiences gift us with insights so glean all your gems from 2016.

Then... DECIDE.  This is the best part.  Once you have reflected and noted your lessons from this year, now you are ready to decide what next year will be about.  Choose now.  What will you STOP doing?  What will you START doing and what will you KEEP doing?


Year in review complete.

Now you can choose your word for 2017 and cast a powerful vision that makes all the gifts from the year gone by and puts them to use in the year to come.
Make it a great one!

To rituals,