As a coach I love questions.
Good questions.
Powerful questions.
And thought-provoking questions.

And yesterday my husband asked me a great one:

“What would make a difference to you?”

A bit of back story…

We are having a glorious fall here in Kelowna.
The weather is still warm and it makes getting the house,
yard and garden much easier to get ready for winter
when the sun is shining.

So yesterday my husband was all inspired to GSD -
(get sh*t done) around the house and before diving into his own list
 he asked me that beautiful question.

“What would make a difference to you?”

So simple and yet so thoughtful.
Because I do not know if you have noticed
but when you live with someone else
you do not always prioritize chores the same way.
While one pile of clutter or unpainted baseboard might be driving me crazy,
for Ben, pruning, yard detail or a dump run way might be way more pressing.

But instead of simply getting busy on his own list,
he asked me about mine.
To me this is real romance.
Not flowers.
Not chocolate.
But the gift of thoughtfulness.

That simple question just said
“I care about what matters to you too”.

So if you are looking to make the one you love’s day,
try asking them what really would.

You do not have to intuit everything.
Just ask.

“What would make a difference to you?”

To romantic questions,